Portraits with my cousin

My cousin recently asked me to create senior portraits of her daughter. I somewhat stopped shooting portraits for a while. However, in light of recent events in my personal life I'm looking to get back into portraiture. This was a nice re-entry into portraits.

LAP: Garrett Baumer

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the photographers I met at the 2015 Review Santa Fe. This work is from Garrett Baumer. It is a series of dioramas that appear to be sci-fi in nature. I love dioramas and hope to have the time to make some myself one day. I spoke with Garrett for a few minutes and learned that he has a full-time job and spends several weeks creating each piece... so surely I can create a few myself!

Balloon Fiesta Part II

Went back to Balloon Fiesta this morning. We had clear skies which allowed for some really cool infrared stuff; the balloons looked really cool against the dark sky!

2015 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Infrared Photos

Went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this morning and took some infrared pictures. Can't say I've ever seen any infrared photos of the event before (considering it is one of the most photographed event in the world and extremely colorful).

LAP: Steve Landeros

I've always wanted to photography White Sands, but I'm waiting until I have the right camera to do so. White Sands has been famously photographed and I feel the need to have a camera with movements to ensure great detail across the dunes. Until then, I enjoy looking at sand dune photos such as these from Steve Landeros.