LAP - Gravel Quarries by Hal Gage

Today, I'm beginning a new blogging era for myself; I'm calling it "Looking at Photographs."

Sandia snowstorm

Sandia Mountains covered in snow
Sandia Mountains covered in snow
I have yet to find a decent vantage point of the Sandias that isn't from the crest or west of the Rio Grande. It snowed a ton so I thought I'd hike around and try to find a nice vantage point.

Stereoscopic Bosque

Been playing with stereoscopic landscape GIFs again. I think they're a fun way to add depth to a picture. These are from yesterday around noon in the bosque in Albuquerque.

Meet Harold, a human puppet photography project

I began a new photo project with the help of my friend Dusty Deen. Dusty, a film maker interested in animation, began making these puppet heads and we decided it would be fun to take pictures of them.

(Click through to read more and see finished pics)

It's been quiet here lately

I figure there are two types of blog posts; posts about things created or the process of creating things. Personally, I prefer investing myself into the creative process rather than documenting it. That said, I've been creating a lot of things and thinking about creating a lot things. Anyway, here is some stuff I've been creating:

(A commercial I DP'd)