Sandia snowstorm

Sandia Mountains covered in snow
Sandia Mountains covered in snow
I have yet to find a decent vantage point of the Sandias that isn't from the crest or west of the Rio Grande. It snowed a ton so I thought I'd hike around and try to find a nice vantage point.

The above shot would be something for the portfolio, but it has the tram tower in the shot.

The shot above isn't quite there, I think the clouds are not interesting enough and the foreground is a little boring. I think this shot needed a little peak of light through the clouds on the foreground to have worked a little better.

I like this shot, it was interesting how the angle of the sun created these shadows behind these snow bulges, but it is mediocre without being a part of a series of similar photos.

I always drag the panorama head around but I haven't figured out what works well yet.

Another panorama example.

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