Planning a photography trip to Shiprock, Northwestern New Mexico

I've been planning a photography trip around Northwestern New Mexico for a while now. The girlfriend and I plan to wake up Saturday morning, photograph Cabazon Peak then travel to Chaco Canyon in the afternoon and photograph Shiprock in the evening. We will stay in Farmington Saturday night and then photograph Shiprock in the morning, visit the Four Corners for lunch and then head down to the Bisit Badlands for sunset.

In preparation, I have looked up several pictures from around the web as inspiration. I simply copied and pasted the photos into a Google presentation and embedded the presentation here. (I apologize for the lack of credits, it took a while just putting this stuff together.)


I feel this should be a good time to photograph Shiprock since the sun is in the southern hemisphere and I think it looks most interesting from the south. I plan to shoot from the west at sunset and east during sunrise.

Chaco Canyon

I don't have high hopes for great pictures at Chaco Canyon. I've never been there and I plan to visit at noon. The forecast is for no clouds so hopefully I can slap on the polarizer and maybe get some nice black and white photos.

Bisti Badlands

I'm really excited for the Bisti Badlands. I've photographed the lesser known Lybrook badlands (still editing some of these) before and it was a surreal experience. I know I'll be visiting these a lot more once it warms up.

Cabazon Peak

Cabazon Peak is simply between home and Shiprock. It is a landmark seen from the highway and I'm curious what it looks like up close. Anyway, I'm excited to get out there and make some cool photos! Happy shooting!

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