Cabazon Peak New Mexico

Cabazon Peak, New Mexico (panoramic)
Cabazon Peak, New Mexico
(3-photo panoramic)
Here are the photos I captured from my recent trip to Cabazon Peak.

Cabazon Peak, New Mexico (detail)
Cabazon Peak, New Mexico
We left Albuquerque around 5:30 am and drove directly to Cabazon Peak. I had never been there before but spent a good amount of time on Google Earth looking at various roads to determine the best place to be for sunrise.

The roads were mostly well maintained but I did have to use four-wheel-drive once to ensure I didn't spin the wheels and damage the road.

I actually got lucky and found a great overlook with just enough time to find a good vantage point before the sun peaked over the horizon. I used my 70-200mm lens for detail shots of the peak as the sun came up and switched to my 17-55mm once the sun began to light the surrounding foothills. I was far enough away that I was be able to get a decent panorama that would stitch together without a noticeable parallax. I shot mostly everything between f11 and f22. Usually opting for a slightly faster shutter speed when using the longer focal length.
Cabazon Peak, New Mexico

From my vantage point, I saw several large open areas that would make a nice foreground. Shortly after the sun came up a little further, I moved to one of the open areas and climbed on top of my car for the above photo.

The colors of the early morning New Mexico sky did not disappoint and made the trip worthwhile despite the sub-freezing temperatures.

I really pushed the saturation in photoshop and I hope it's not too much. Would be nice to see how it looks in print.

Happy shooting!

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